If you're anything like us, you'll have some fond memories of wasting countless hours playing Minesweeper back in the 90s, but did you ever wish it was more challenging? Well, your prayers have been answered with the creation of the largest version of the game ever built, stretching across an entire video wall and encompassing thousands of mines.

The project was created by CineMassive, a video wall solutions company from Altlana, Georgia. It was build to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the early prototype of the game and is reported to up the difficulty by some margin.

The playing field is 24 linked HD TVs, forming a huge video wall. When set to "Expert" level, the game tasks you with clearing a whopping 38,799 mines. If our own experience of Minesweeper is anything to go by, you'll need a serious combination of skill and luck to stand a chance here.

So far, no one in the project team has come close to beating the game on Expert, so the project is being opened up to the public. If you think you're equal to the task, you can apply now to play the game remotely, with 10 people being selected from applicants.

For more on this giant version of Minesweeper, you can check out the video below.

Source: CineMassive

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