World's Lightest Portable Travel Cot and Playpen

World's Lightest Portable Travel Cot and Playpen
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October 3, 2006 There will always be a market for baby-related products which make life easier, simply because anything that can relieve the stress of being a life support system for another human being (no matter how much ya luv ‘em) might help mum survive motherhood. Accordingly, whenever we run a story on products such as the fold-up stroller that converts to backpack, the HippyChick baby carrier or the Baby Sling Hands-Free Baby Carrier, mums flock to the BabyGizmo section of our site. So the Oomo Roomo, which is claimed to be the world's lightest portable travel cot/playpen, was a natural. Weighing just 7.2kg the aluminium-framed Roomo costs GBP65 and packs up into that natty little suitcase.

The Roomo travel cot/playpen is the result of market research undertaken to by Oomo to determine the needs and wants of today's discerning parents and their children.

The key insight revealed by the research was that mums, dads and kids all need parenting products that will enhance their lives, and in many cases make it easier.

This led the Oomo (the brand is Oomo) team to develop Roomo and a range of other pioneering lightweight products - including a tandem and a stroller - that will be available in coming months.

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