'World's Rarest and Most Expensive' car wax

'World's Rarest and Most Expensive' car wax
Brough and Howarth's Definite Wax Marble
Brough and Howarth's Definite Wax Marble
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Brough and Howarth's Definite Wax Marble
Brough and Howarth's Definite Wax Marble

A luxury car care company in London is now offering just the thing to spread all over your million-dollar automobile: car wax that costs GBP24,000 (US$37,070). The folks at Brough and Howarth claim that their Definitive Wax Marble is the world’s most expensive car wax, and one would assume they’re probably right. Given that there’s currently only one pot of the substance in existence, it’s also a safe bet that it’s the rarest.

The product contains refined natural fruit oils, locally sourced beeswax, and imported carnauba wax from northern Brazil. It comes in a marble cube, which we would hope is presented to the purchaser by Angelina Jolie. There’s no word on how much wax comes in one cube, or how many applications it’s good for.

Of course, people buying Definitive Wax Marble aren’t going to be applying it themselves, so they’ll need to open their gold-plated wallets a little wider yet. The automotive treatments at Brough and Howarth range from GBP325 (US$502) up to the connoisseur package, which costs GBP65 (US$100) an hour, and takes a minimum of 120 hours – a total of at least GBP7,800 (US$12,048).

We’re waiting to hear back from the company as to whether or not each customer is required to buy their own container, or if the “one pot in existence” is being used on multiple clients’ cars.

Bill Bennett
perfect example of \"a fool and his money are soon parted\" what a waste
Paul Anthony
I would say they are foolish, if they weren\'t so rich with expendable cash. To them the 50,000 is like us spending $10.00 on a carwash. This class of citizen doesn\'t even think twice to spend that kind of dough.
This takes shameless luxury to a new level!
Ike Rai
I\'m sure the cars will be just as ugly with a layer of dust on them. I feel sorry for the fool that accidentally tips it over, and returns later to find the marble container empty, and the wax bringing the floor dust to a brilliant shine. Bill Bennett, I completely agree with you.
Facebook User
It\'s only 16oz. or 480ml. You\'d be better off eating it, than using it on your car.
When you wax a car, you have the can of wax in one hand, and your micro-fiber cloth in the other....imagine how *HEAVY* this *MARBLE* cube weighs! There is no *WAY* a person can wax a car with this thing! Imagine the nice dent it will make when it is dropped on the hood of your nice new Veyron!
Mr Stiffy
My mother was a corporate whore for an international cosmetics company - she said \"All these old tarts spreading these tiny little $300 pots of crap on their face - it\'s all made of vegetable peelings etc...\" She knew she had been to the factories.
I formulate my own substances, from inks, waxes, abrasives, adhesives, cements etc., etc., etc.... and I can tell you, at best there is about $20 of ingredients in this pot - that is the refined price for the blend of them.
A crock of car wax? I don\'t think so.
Effie Monmirth
do they give green stamps?