Wound care management camera in testing

Wound care management camera i...
Wound measurement prototype in use (Photo: Business Wire)
Wound measurement prototype in use (Photo: Business Wire)
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Wound measurement prototype in use (Photo: Business Wire)
Wound measurement prototype in use (Photo: Business Wire)

December 5, 2008 IP2Biz has released details of a new camera that determines and captures wound boundaries and wound area using proprietary software and low-cost hardware. A prototype of the hand-held device is currently being tested by wound specialty nurses at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

The camera provides fast, accurate and repeatable digital documentation of wound progression, a necessary component to validate payment from insurance and government agencies in the U.S.

Dr. John Hitt of IP2Biz sees a growing need for wound management. “Hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and specialized care centers all need to address the increasing requirements for pay-for-performance healthcare,” he said. Once made widely available, the device would enable healthcare providers to consistently document healing and meet validation requirements from Medicare/Medicaid and insurance agencies.

Aside from the low-cost and ease of use, the device does not require patient contact, thus providing maximum infection control. The simple design is intuitive to use and requires minimal training, which makes it suitable for use in a wide range of environments, including homecare. Nurses from the Shepherd Center who have been testing the device have noted that it easily fits in your hands and can be operated with just one click.

The technology development was led by Stephen Sprigle, Associate Professor of Applied Physiology and Industrial Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology and has been licensed exclusively to IP2Biz.

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