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Wristwatch CDMA telephone weighs 98 grams

Wristwatch CDMA telephone weighs 98 grams
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Korean electronics manufacturer Telson will release its new TWC 1150 wrist-wearable mobile phone into the Indian, Korean and US markets this month. The wristwatch phone is the world's lightest CDMA phone, and comes with a full range of features including a detachable camera, voice and call recording, answering machine, voice recognition, voice dial, a hands-free (loudspeaker) facility and predictive text input available for SMS. It was conceived and is being marketed as an exclusive, high-priced item and it certainly looks VERY space age!!!The Telson TWC 1150 is a wristwatch designer phone specifically designed for the young generation. It weighs only 98 grams despite all the embedded functionality, and can be answered in one of three ways - via the loudspeaker in hands-free mode, via an infrared (wireless) earpiece and via a conduction from a metal ring on your finger (it comes with the phone) which connects to your wristwatch, and enables you to listen to the caller by bringing your finger close to the ear.The high performance battery of the phone enables talk time up to 100 minutes and standby time up to 150 hour. Telson TWC 1150 is equipped with a plug-in 330,000 pixel digital camera that is included in the handset kit. It has a capacity to save up to 80 pictures which can be attached to the unique phone book. The Phone Book has a facility to store up to 200 entries with 4 numbers, email id and URL and Photo caller id so that whenever you receive calls the photo of the caller will be displayed on the screen. One can even set up to seven blinking colours depending on the caller's group. The Telson TWC 1150 phone with external attachable camera is priced at INR23,900 (AUD$700 ) in the Indian market and will go on sale in Korea and the US next week at an as yet undetermined price. It is being offered in India on an outright sale basis only.

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