Writerase is a range (or forest, as the company calls it) of customizable dry erase notebooks. They're designed for people who like brainstorming advantages of a whiteboard but need the portability of a notebook. Writerase combines the best of both products, with sheets of erasable paper collected in bound notebooks ranging in size from small to large.

Each notebook contains 50 pages (25 sheets) that can be marked by standard dry erase pens. The pages are white paper covered with a thin coating made using a UV gloss spray technique. The makers say that your doodles and/or groundbreaking equations will not be harmed by sliding the pages or closing the notebook, while still retaining the ability to be easily erased.

All of the notebooks also come with two transparent sheets of paper, allowing you to experiment with changes to a page underneath without risking ruining the original. The pages are all waterproof and (the company promises) offer a "smooth surface" on which to write or draw.

The customization options are a choice between blank, lined, and grid paper, and a cover featuring a photo of your choosing. The latter option is free to Kickstarter backers, but will have an additional cost if and when the product goes on general sale.

Pledges still available at the time of writing start at CAD$14 (US$14) for a single small (3 x 5 in/76 x 127 mm) Bonsai Leaf notebook, rising to $31 for the larger (11 x 17 in/279 x 432 mm) Banana Leaf notebook. Writerase has already hit its funding goal, with an estimated delivery of the rewards listed as April or May of this year.

The Kickstarter campaign video embedded below shows one of the co-founders of Writerase talking about the origins of the project.

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