Back in 2009 we reviewed X-Arcade's Dual Joystick, and now the company is bringing out a single version of the device for players who don't want to share with friends. Just like a real arcade machine, the X-Arcade Solo Joystick is built to take a beating, so players can have a blast getting an authentic experience from their games without worrying about breaking anything.

The joystick is very beefy, weighing in at a whopping 12 pounds (5.4 kg). This is partially because of the durable materials used, but also because players want to be able to crank on those joysticks without worrying about the machine moving, which is exactly how an actual arcade machine would function.

By default, the joystick works with PC, Mac and Linux through USB. However, X-Arcade also offers adapters for every single console you could want from the PlayStation 1 forward, including the Xbox 360, which was notably absent from original Dual model. Additionally, the company is already working on adapters for the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One.

In total, the device comes with a joystick and nine programmable face buttons, along with buttons on the side of the device, which means it can be customized to play with almost any arcade and fighting game on the market.

The X-Arcade Solo is available for preorder now, for US$99. This is the price for the base model which only works on computers. The price varies for different adapters, but the company does offer a package for an additional $99 that comes with all the adapters for every console. The joystick is set to ship on December 1.

Source: X-Arcade

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