Those that think video game controllers are already complicated enough with their array of joysticks, direction pads, face buttons and triggers might balk at the sight of the N-Control Avenger but, despite its imposing appearance, the device is actually designed to make accessing a controller’s various buttons easier and faster. Not only that, the device allows users to customize hair triggers and reach all a controllers face buttons with the exception of the A button without taking their thumbs off the analogue sticks.

Designed as an external shell that fits around an existing Xbox controller, the Avenger allows gamers to make better use of their digits. Instead of relying on just the thumbs and index fingers, the Avenger allows gamers to utilize their middle fingers to control face buttons via adjustable levers. The Avenger allows gamers to simultaneously access nine functions and can be tuned like a fine instrument via sensitivity adjusters and adjustable high-precision tension straps that can be used to customize a hair trigger and give a split-second advantage over opponents.

The Avenger is designed to fit Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller and comes with a stabilizer stand to ensure your arms aren’t weighed down by all the gaming goodness. It is shipping now and will be available at the introductory price of US$39.99 ahead of a planned increase to $59.99.

N-Control also has a PS3 version in the works that is expected to ship in Q3 2011, while a Special Edition Avenger designed for the Razer Onza controller is due in Q4 2011.

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