Microsoft announces 4GB Xbox 360, gives Kinect a price

Microsoft announces 4GB Xbox 3...
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Microsoft has just announced the successor to the storage-less Xbox 360 Arcade, the creatively-named Xbox 360 4GB, which features 4GB of internal flash memory, built-in 802.11n WiFi and a casual-friendly price of US$199.99.

In other Microsoft news, Kinect has officially been given a price of US$149.99, which includes the game Kinect Adventures. A bundle containing the Xbox 360 4GB console, Kinect sensor and Kinect Adventures game will also be available for US$299.99.

15 Kinect games will be available at launch for $49.99, including Kinectimals, Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride and Dance Central. While that's an impressive number of launch titles, there's a distinct lack of games for the hardcore set, unlike Sony's PlayStation Move - which the Gizmag team thinks will be the motion-based gaming setup to beat.

The Xbox 360 4GB will arrive in North America on August 3rd, with Kinect making an appearance on November 4th.

matthew.rings long as I have to pay an extra $40 a year to play online with friends... I\'ll play online with friends for free over the Sony PS3 network for many of the same games. And the wireless was free... not $99 like the stupid little XBOX wireless network adapter (I ended up using a $20 wireless router instead).

I have both systems, and finding I like the PS3 more for just about all my entertainment needs: Blu-Ray playback, Netflix access (without the need for \"GOLD\" access like XBOX, quieter operation. The XBOX rarely gets turned on anymore except for an XBOX exclusive game (which is getting more rare these days).

Even on my 58\" Panasonic Viera plasma, there is no noticeable visual difference between 720p (PS3) and 1080i (XBOX360). So that\'s a wash.

Sell me an XBOX with HDMI, 3-D Blu-Ray playback, quiet operation with no RROD, and free Gold membership, and I\'d might just end up buying it and using it more.

I only keep the XBOX360 for the occasional Forza3 drive around the Nurburgring...

Doc R
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Can an external hard drive be hooked up to this?
Matt Rings
Okay, followup post. My First Gen XBOX360 got the Red Ring of Death, so I updated to the new XBOX360 250GB with Kinect.

It\'s got Wifi (N-protocol) built-in, 1080p over HDMI (old one had component only), and I must say we had fun playing a few Kinect family games without any controllers at all. It\'s a huge step forward in gaming... no controllers at all.

Otherwise, it\'s the same ol\' deal with money-grubbin\' M$: all the \"good stuff\" (Netflix, Last.FM, etc.) require \"GOLD\" Live subscription for $50 a year. It might be making M$ more $$$, but they won\'t be getting any of mine. I\'ll stick to PS3 for Netflix streaming, or simply using the XBOX as a Media Center Extender. Eventually, I\'ll be able to get all those add-ons free through a stand-alone Blu-Ray player for those televisions that aren\'t hooked up to the PS3.