Yamaha builds a giant fishtank on wheels

Yamaha builds a giant fishtank on wheels
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January 24, 2008 Intent on driving the marine market size and retaining its share, Yamaha Australia has created two of these massive, 15 metre long, three metres tall, and 2.5 metres wide fishtanks on wheels to tour dealerships and boat shows. Part portable fishing show, part mobile fish tank and part educational program, the 13,000 litre Yamaha SupaTanks are designed to give the public a fish-eye-view on the world of angling.

The SupaTank creates a huge underwater display complete with up to 20 live fish. Barramundi are used on for mainland shows while Atlantic Salmon feature in the Tasmanian SupaTank shows.

The SupaTank is quite unique because it demonstrates all the underwater action when a fish is caught. The Yamaha SupaTank show is designed to both educate families on how to safely and successfully learn to fish along with displaying the fascinating underwater feeding behaviours of fish. In full view of wide-eyed spectators, the fish can be seen stalking and attacking the lures cast by participants from the elevated ‘half-tinny’ casting platform complete with Yamaha four stroke outboard motor.

Topics covered in the presentation include catch and release techniques, preserving your catch for the dinner table, mastering lures and gear tips for first timers.

The innovative promotional message is ultimately designed to sell gear, but an indication of the aggression of Yamaha’s market-growing campaign can be seen by the company extending the comprehensive two-year manufacturer’s warranty on its outboard models to three years on 2-Stroke and four years on 4-Stroke provided the engine is serviced by an authorised Yamaha dealer.

View gallery - 3 images
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