Tightening emissions regulations have forced car manufacturers to make their engines smaller and lighter, but four-wheeled machines aren't the only ones having their act cleaned up. Along with farm machinery and aircraft engines, boat makers are chasing improvements in efficiency. Yamaha has unveiled its new F25 outboard, which is just as powerful as the engine it replaces, but significantly lighter.

The F25 is already one of Yamaha's most popular engines, designed to blend a fair amount of power with a reasonable price tag and low running costs. The latest iteration delivers the same 18 kW (25 hp) as before, but its creators say the new version is smoother than before, and its power is more accessible than ever. It should be easier to start, too, thanks to a new battery-less electronic fuel injection system that can be coupled with a regular manual starter, or an electric starter.

Because the 56 kg (123 lb) engine 25 percent lighter than the model it replaces, the F25 should be easier to carry and install than previous versions. There is a new carry handle, and redesigned resting pads to cater for a easier storage, too. Flushing out dirt or salt is also made easier, thanks to an easy-access hose connector on the lower edge.

On top of the basic engine, there are a number of options that can be fitted to spice up the package a little bit. A multi-function tiller handle can be hooked up to the outboard, and offers a system where fisherman can set their trolling speed in 50 rpm step. The system is standard on tiller-controlled versions, and optional on remote controlled models.

There is no word on pricing for the F25 just yet, and when it is released cost will vary based on the tiller options selected.

Source: Yamaha

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