Outboard Motor

  • It might be a 90-pound weakling next to the biggest and baddest of the combustion world, but Evoy's new zero-emissions electric outboard motor and powertrain solution will put it at the pointy end of the all-electric market.
  • Diesel has traditionally been the fuel of the maritime industry, which makes the absence of a diesel outboard engine even more puzzling. Production of the 50 hp Yanmar Dtorque 111 turbo-diesel has begun and the benefits over traditional outboard engines seem overwhelming.
  • What the Sea DNA 999 lacks in size and flashiness, it makes up for with versatility and performance. With three configurations and a top speed of 90 knots, the Technohull Sea DNA 999 promises plenty of fun on the water.
  • Car and aircraft engine makers are all chasing engine weight savings, but boat makers too are getting in on the act. Yamaha has unveiled a new F25 motor, which is just as powerful as the engine it replaces, but significantly lighter.
  • The Wokart is a go-kart for the water with awesome power-to-weight ratio and agility. The seating and controls make it just like driving a car ... and in four years of R&D, no-one has turned one over. Production begins next month, with sales starting in March 2014.
  • Due for launch at next month's Sanctuary Cove Boat Show on Australia's Gold Coast, All4solar's 30 hp (22 kw) Aquawatt electric outboard motor is claimed to be three times more powerful than any other manufacturer's electric outboard.
  • The concepts of drive-by-wire, steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire were initially eyed with much suspicion by automotive aficionados – how could a computer possibly hope to do a better job than a human being? Well, it can, and now drive-by-whatever is invading the marine industry.
  • Outboard motors have seen enormous progress in a short time, not just in power output, but also in the sophistication of their emission-reduction technologies. This 700 bhp water taxi we found this week in Sydney Harbour is a prime example.