If you want to fill a room with the sound of the songs on your iPhone or iPod touch, there are currently a plethora of docking gizmos that will amplify the sound from your device's speakers. While many of these products look like they're designed to be used primarily in the home, however, Yamaha's new portable PDX-11 is ... well, it's sort of like the ghetto blaster of iPhone docks.

The PDX-11 has a rugged octagonal loudspeaker-shaped body, with a perforated steel grill protecting a single 4-inch cone woofer and a separate tweeter - so no, it doesn't play the music back in stereo.

Users can grab the unit using a chrome bar-type handle, or hook it up to a PC, Mac or other audio player via a 3.5 mm mini jack in the back. The iPhone/iPod dock itself is located on top. Power comes from an AC adapter, or six user-supplied AA alkaline batteries (which should provide about eight hours of playback time).

The Yamaha PDX-11 Portable Dock for iPod/iPhone is available in stores now in a choice of four colors, for a price of US$99.95. A remote is included.

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