Have you ever wondered why there aren't more drones out there with bionic hands? Us neither, but here we are, looking at the "Drone for Handy" by Youbionics, which places a pair of fully operational bionic hands in the air, ready to grab at things the might need grabbing.

Youbionics is a strange little company, run by a fellow called Federico Ciccarese, that sells the STL files you need to 3D-print some of the custom parts you need to build bionic "Handy" hands – whether it be to replace a missing hand or give you an extra one. Bring your own set of 11 SG90 or Arduino Nano servo motors and you're off and running, ready to build and begin working with a flexible and fully operational bionic hand.

The "Drone for Handy" is a free STL download that lets you print a lightweight plastic quadcopter frame ready to mount two Handys on, and once you've gone through the fiddly process of building two hands and a drone, you end up with a pair of floating hands whose capacity for grabbing, lifting and manipulating things is directly proportional to your capabilities as a programmer.

As a home robotics project, it's no joke – getting the hands to do anything worthwhile in concert with the drone will be a serious challenge. And at the end of it all, we're not sure you're going to come out with anything remotely practical, but Ciccarese sees his drone potentially proving handy for carrying goods or sending back to grab your keys if you've left them in the office.

Check out the Drone for Handy in the video below.

Source: Youbionic

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