Having introduced the ability for users to live stream video back in 2011 and support for 360-degree videos last year, YouTube has now brought the two together. 360-degree live video is aimed at putting viewers one step closer to actually being there in person.

Live broadcasting needs no introduction, it should be familiar to anyone who's ever watched a sports game or the news. With the more recently developed 360-degree video, special cameras (like the Samsung Gear 360) that record video in all directions allow viewers to pan around the resulting footage as though they are on-location and simply looking around.

As well as now being able to watch 360-degree live video, viewers will also hear sounds based upon in what direction they are looking. YouTube calls this "spatial audio" and says that depth, distance and intensity all play a role.

The firm is working with third-party companies to make their 360-degree video and 3D audio software offerings compatible with its 360-degree live video functionality, and says that all YouTube Space facilities will be kitted out with 360-degree live streaming and spatial audio technologies.

The video below provides a demonstration of spatial audio.

Source: YouTube