Nudie-run cinematographers rejoice. YouTube has today introduced a very handy new feature that enables users to blur out moving objects in videos after they're uploaded.

The Custom Blurring tool builds on YouTube's earlier blurring technology announced in 2012, which allowed uploaders to obscure people's faces as a means of protecting their privacy. The new feature not only extends this courtesy to other objects such as license plates, financial information or brand logos, but objects that are actually in motion.

The tool is available for those using a desktop computer and makes it possible to cover up sensitive items without tinkering away in dedicated video editing software before uploading. After selecting the tool within the Blurring effects tab of any uploaded video, users can draw a box over whatever it is they want to blur.

YouTube's technology then tracks this item as it moves through the video and blurs it on the fly. The box can be moved, resized and users can also configure at what point exactly the blurring starts and stops. And if you don't want the blurry box to move, there is a Lock button that will hold it in place. And when it's all said and done, you can save over the existing video or make a new, censored copy. Pretty impressive.

Source: YouTube