Following the Admiral Serebryakov Embankment and Sberbank Technopark projects, Zaha Hadid Architects' Russian takeover continues with a massive new commission in the country. The firm has been chosen with several others to design and build an entire new neighborhood near Moscow.

The neighborhood is named Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye and will be located to the west of Moscow. It's envisioned to accommodate the capital's growing population and a new metro line is due to begin construction in 2020 to connect the area with Moscow's metro system.

Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye will include new homes for around 66,500 residents, as well as schools, medical clinics, shopping districts, and transport infrastructure. The neighborhood will also create lots of new office space. A third of the area will be given over to parklands and forest, with a large lake at the center.

Further details are lacking at this early stage, though the renders provided do look eye-catching and the buildings' fluid curves are a little reminiscent of the firm's 520 West 28th Street. It'll be interesting to see if the finished project ends up looking so futuristic.

"Working with specialist teams in Russia and Europe, we developed a people-centric design for a smart interconnected city that brings people together not only through innovative technology but also through organizing the public realm; building a community that integrates the natural aspects of the site with principles of openness and inclusivity in high quality architecture suited for the 21st century," says ZHA's Christos Passas.

ZHA will work alongside Russia's TPO Pride Architects and Nikken Sekkei, UNK Project, Archea Associati and ABD Architects are also involved. We've no word on how far along the project is, nor whether planning permission is definitely secured.

Source: ZHA

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