The barrage of standing desks to pop up in the last year is testament to a growing awareness of the fact that parking our backsides all day can affect our health. But perhaps a little attention to our choice of seating could be of benefit too. Dutch startup Zami Life has developed a sensor-equipped, and frankly, not all that comfortable looking stool claimed to encourage active sitting and better posture.

Zami Life was co-founded by an orthopedic surgeon and designer duo who arrived at the final design following years of research into posture and the problems that arise when we neglect it. The company says that the outwardly curved design is intended to promote active sitting, the practice of keeping our body moving when seated, just like an exercise ball. The convex shape is also said to make an optimal curve for the spine.

But the real, tangible health improvements are more likely to come from pressure sensors in each of the four legs. The idea is that users can download the companion app and run through an initial setup where they enter basic physical details. The app then talks to your stool over Bluetooth, monitoring where your weight is distributed across its legs.

This data is said to translate to accurate feedback on your posture, along with long you've been sitting in both active and passive modes and even whether you've been fidgeting or restless. Over time, the app archives all this data and compiles a profile of the user's sitting history. 

The Zami stool offers a similar solution to the Darma smart cushion that we covered late last year, though it tackles things in a different way. Darma is simply a cushion that can be placed on an existing seat and has fiber optic sensors embedded to track things like posture, stress levels, heart rate and breathing.

But if it's a unique, pleasant looking piece of furniture you're after, that also happens to promote better sitting habits, then Zami may be more your style. The company has built prototypes and is looking to raise funds on Indiegogo to enter commercial production. It has developed two versions in the pipeline, wood (with beech, walnut or oak options) and aluminum. These weigh 3.3 kg (7.2 lb) and 2.9 kg (6.4 lb) respectively and stand either 47 or 52 cm tall (18.5 or 20.5 in).

An early pledging option is available where backers can pay US$379 now and another $400 when Zami arrives, though the retail price is expected to be $1249. Shipping is slated for November if the campaign runs as planned.

You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Zami Life

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