ZEISS Victory binoculars integrate laser rangefinder

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Carl Zeiss Victory RF binoculars
Carl Zeiss Victory RF binoculars
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Carl Zeiss Victory RF binoculars
Carl Zeiss Victory RF binoculars

September 30, 2008 Carl Zeiss has incorporated a laser rangefinder into its new Victory RF binoculars, providing hunters, hikers and birdwatchers with an all-in-one viewing solution in a compact form factor. The Victory 8x45 T RF and Victory 10x45 T RF binoculars feature a world first design that incorporates a folding bridge without separate transmission optics and boast fast rangefinding capabilities that can determine the distance from an object up to 200 meters (300 yards) away in less than one second with an accuracy down to one meter.

The one-touch digital rangefinding function uses a Class 1 invisible laser beam to make the measurement immediately after the button is released and minimize the effect of shaking. Distance information is then displayed on a self-illuminating, four-digit LED read-out designed to handle all lighting conditions.

The Victory RF models feature a lightweight magnesium housing and shock resistant rubber armoring plus recalculated ZEISS optics featuring the company's "LotuTec® coating" which transfers the surface characteristics of a lotus leaf to the lenses and eyepieces so that water beads off the lens without residue. This means they can be used in the rain and glass surfaces are easy to clean.

Both models also include removable eyecups that can be locked in four positions, a neoprene carrying strap and a Cordura carry bag. The German MSRP for the Victory 8x45 T* is €2,550 and the 10x45 model costs €2,650.

Via Carl Zeiss Sports Optics GmbH.

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