Things seem to be going well for US-based electric motorcycle company Zero Motorcycles which has debuted its 2010 lineup consisting of four new bikes at Daytona Bike Week. The new Zero S, DS, X and MX are equipped with performance enhancements that allow for higher top speeds and greater acceleration than earlier models and feature enhanced power pack technology.

Zero says its new Z-Force power pack technology features new and more precise monitoring of cells in the Lithium-Ion battery pack resulting in longer power pack life, more power, greater acceleration off the line and superior handling. The 2010 models also see the introduction of a new throttle technology that modulates the increased power to provide riders with exacting control over the acceleration.

Although electric motors are extremely efficient they can still get hot, which can affect performance, not to mention the life of the motor. To combat this the S and DS models feature a new Z-Force Air Induction System that keeps the motor cool by increasing the airflow through the heart of the motor thereby allowing more horsepower to be drawn from lighter and more compact motors.

Zero has also made some aesthetic changes. The entire product line continues to be built from the ground up using Zero’s signature exposed aircraft alloy frame but consumers can now choose between color packages in addition to Zero’s standard white.

Zero S and DS

The street legal Zero S (Sport) is aimed specifically at commuters with its instant acceleration making it ideal for city riding. It weighs in at 270lbs (122.5kg), has a range of up to 50 miles (80km) and a GPS verified top speed of 67 mph (108km/h). It is priced at US$8,995 (after a 10 percent U.S. federal tax credit).

The DS (Dual Sport) features similar specs and the same price as the S, but the frame and other equipment have had a few slight alterations. While it is also street legal it is also designed to handle off road conditions as well. To this end it features a specially developed suspension system and a rugged wheel set. The Zero DS is priced at $8,995 (after a 10% U.S. federal tax credit)

New seat configurations are also an option for the 2010 Zero S and DS with specially designed by Corbin. The new seats are designed to provide a more comfortable and performance-oriented ride and those wanting to reduce the stand over height of the motorcycle can select a Corbin low seat option.

Zero X and MX

The X or MX models are intended purely for off road use with neither being street legal. Each feature easily swappable power packs allowing riders to purchase an additional power pack to extend their riding

The MX uses a newly developed suspension system to absorb rugged terrain and handle bigger jumps. Its ultra-light frame design and custom suspension system makes the Zero MX highly responsive while maintaining an industry leading power-to-weight ratio. The power pack provides up to two hours of track riding time. The Zero MX starts at US$8,295.

Weighing a total of 151lbs (68.5kg) and with 50 ft-lbs of torque the Zero X is built from the ground up for quick handling and maneuverability. Custom valved suspension, direct drive gearing and weight optimized components are designed to handle demanding terrain. The Zero X starts at US$7,495.

All new models making up Zero Motorcycles' 2010 lineup can be purchased online now with shipping to begin in the U.S. at the end of March for the X and MX and at the end of April for the S and DS.

And if you’re near Daytona you still have a chance to get along to Bike Week where the entire line of models will be available for demo rides and viewing at a Gymkanna course located near the Ocean Center.

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