The latest ready-for-anything off-road expedition vehicle to ramble its way into our conscious, the Ziegler Adventure Moghome also happens to be the most concisely and accurately named. It's a home on a Unimog, giving it the brute power and deft motility to tackle terrain of all kinds on the adventure of any hardy couple's choosing. Along the way, it can stop at campsites or simple roadside pull-offs, sleeping that couple comfortably on the drop-down bed and keeping them fed, clean and comfortable, no matter what's happening outside the windows.

Ziegler Adventure is one of the newer players in a German expedition vehicle market that includes well-established marques like Unicat and Bimobil. Founded in 2015, it developed its first Moghome in 2016 and began small series production the same year. It aims to get expedition vehicles in the hands of modern-day explorers quickly and reliably through continued series production.

An officially certified Mercedes body specialist, Ziegler has developed a rugged, travel-ready home specially built for the Unimog U 4023. Its 167-in (4,250-mm)-long living box is designed around a spacious, functional interior with 6.6 feet (2 m) of standing height.

The Moghome's floor plan is the reverse of the rear-bed layouts we're more used to seeing in on- and off-road motorhomes. Its drop-down bed lifts up and away over top the dinette that sits just behind the front wall with available driver-cab passthrough. The rising action of the bed creates a means of utilizing the same space for dual purposes, one that's a little simpler than a convertible dinette bed.

The kitchen block located directly behind the dinette bench on the passenger side packs a Miele twin induction cooktop, Miele microwave and oven combo, and sink. The 130-L refrigerator is located on the rear wall, just across the door to the outside. A countertop extension connects the main block and refrigerator when flipped up into place.

Across from the kitchen compartment, the full dry bathroom houses a toilet room with sink and separate shower compartment. The shower and faucets are supplied via a 230-L fresh water tank fed through a Webasto combination heater/water boiler. A Biolit 97 water filter is also included as part of the vehicle's water system.

The Moghome is prepared to spend some time away from the reliable power supply of cities and suburbs thanks to the 320-Ah lithium-ion battery bank feeding onboard electrical equipment. An available 240W solar charging system helps keep it powered up for longer stretches between plug-ins.

Mercedes' Unimog is no stranger to the expedition vehicle market, and for good reason. It delivers high-riding, full-traction diesel propulsion like few other motorhome base vehicles out there. The brilliantly brutish U 4023 underpinning the Moghome comes powered by a 231-hp direct-injection diesel four-cylinder with 664 lb-ft of torque. A selectable all-wheel drive system, low-range gear set, front, rear and center differential locks, and clearance-increasing portal axles keep the truck moving forward through any conditions Mother Nature can throw at it. Specific capabilities include a 3.9-foot (1.2-m) fording depth and 20-in (50-cm) ground clearance. The available tire pressure management system helps tweak traction and float for the ground conditions ahead.

The fully equipped Ziegler Moghome we looked at last month at CMT 2019 wore an "expo price" of €369,000 (approx. US$420,000). Optional extras on offer include an air conditioner for the camping module, flat screen TV and dual-bike/e-bike carrier.

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