When you’re desperate to hear the latest tune on your iPod or iPhone, the last thing you want is to miss it while you spend valuable seconds or even minutes untangling your earbuds – especially when your fingers are frozen. Zipbuds from DGA feature a tangle-resistant zipper-integrated cable that retains its flexibility, but helps avoid that frustrating tangled mess of wires that constitute many people’s earbuds when they first locate them.

Zipbuds feature a “vertebrae” zipper design that reduces weight and bulk. The sound emanating from the Zipbuds comes via patented centralized acoustic ventilation that the company says generates rich audio quality while minimizing THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). Noise-isolating eartips block exterior noise.

The cables are made from braided nylon cabling (for added tangle resistance) and reinforced with Dupont Kevlar cabling for added strength. A 3.5mm gold plated audio jack means the Zipbuds will fit most audio appliances with minimal signal loss. Rated power from the 8mm driver is 2mW and maximum input power is 5mW.

To assist in keeping your earbuds where they belong – in your ears – Zipbuds have angled ear tips for a snug fit (each set comes with three common tip sizes). For those who enjoy their music on the run, Zipbuds also come with sport ear clips to keep you in touch with your music during physical activity.

DGA’s website indicates that an in-line microphone/remote for answering phone calls and skipping songs could be available in a future release.

Zipbuds sell online for US$39.99.

The video below shows how the zipper action works.

Via Toxel and Dvice

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