The latest effort to improve gun safety comes from Israeli startup Zore, which has developed a lock that provides access to a firearm in response to a personalized pin code, offering what the company claims is fast access to the weapon in any circumstances, including the dark.

Stopping guns falling into the wrong hands would put a serious dent in the amount of firearm-related deaths. Fingerprint sensors, GPS tracking and smart guns that fire only when in the hands of somebody wearing a custom wristwatch are a few ways that companies are looking to solve this problem, but Zore is taking another approach focused on maintaining ready access to the weapon in case of an emergency.

Its Zore X gun lock is much like a regular single-dial combination lock, but can be fixed to a semi-automatic gun. Users can lock the weapon simply by pressing a button on top, which places a custom-made cartridge into the chamber to prevent it being loaded up with more dangerous projectiles.

When it comes to unlocking the gun, users enter a pin code by turning a dial on the side of the attachment. This user-defined pin code can be as short as two numbers, or something a little longer and more complex. According to its creators, the Zore X can be unlocked regardless of the dial's starting point or which direction it is turned, making for the "fastest way" to go from a locked gun to a ready-to-fire weapon.

The lock also comes with a Bluetooth LE module that enables communication with a companion smartphone app. This combines with a built-in motion sensor to allow for push notifications should the user's gun be tampered with when it is out of sight. This is powered through a replaceable CR2 battery that the company claims will last a year of use. The app also allows the user to unlock their gun from within the app, and comes with training exercises designed to hone the user's physical unlocking skills.

Zore is running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for commercial production of its smart gun lock. At the time of writing, US$95 early pledges are available, which will have a Zore X headed your way in February in 2017 if all goes to plan.

You can check out the team's pitch video below.

Source: Zore

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