If you run a lot of effects pedals, opening up hatches or unscrewing housings to replace 9 V batteries can be a bit of a chore, with many guitarists opting to build a pedalboard and juice up all of the stomps from one mains-supplied power pack instead. Even if you only have a couple of boxes at your feet, time spent battery swapping or cabling up is time that could be spent playing. The 9 V Backpack from Züe Engineering allows a musician to quickly add battery power to a stomp without having to open up the casing.

Originally developed for last year's On timer pedal, a pedalboard clock created to help musicians manage time while performing, the 9 V Backpack comes in two flavors. The appropriately-named Right Angle version includes a metal clip on the power plug for holding the 9 V brick battery in place. The Straight Backpack doesn't sport the clip. For both versions, the battery is wired up at the business end courtesy of a snap connector and the power plug is slotted into the stomp. And that appears to be about as difficult as it gets.

A center negative polarity makes the 9 V Backpacks compatible with most stomps on the market, and the first 2 inches from the barrel plug have been triple insulated with rigid shielding.

A 3-pack 9 v Backpack is priced at US$24.99, and buyers can opt for three Right Angled adapters, or three Straight adapters, or a pack of two Right Angled plus one Straight.

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