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ZYB offers free online backup and sharing of mobile phone data

ZYB offers free online backup and sharing of mobile phone data
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June 27, 2006 If you’re like most people, you’ll have experienced at least one catastrophic loss of contacts numbers on your mobile phone, or cursed the need to re-enter your personal data every time you get a new phone. Now there’s a way to permanently sidestep the entire hassle and it’s free! ZYB has announced the full beta-launch of its free online service that lets people backup, manage and share their mobile’s data online. ZYB is a unique service that works with more than 200 different mobiles and does not require any installation of software. ZYB allows users to store an unlimited number of contacts and calendar entries and access them online from anywhere in the world. If a user is unlucky and loses his mobile, all he has to do to get his data back is to sync a new mobile with his ZYB account.

“Most of us don’t memorise more than a small fraction of the phone numbers we store on our mobile. So it’s no wonder why people dread losing their phone. ZYB puts an end to this worry”, says Tommy Ahlers, CEO and co-founder of ZYB.

But the easy online backup is only half the story of ZYB. When people have backed up their mobiles, they can start sharing their contacts and calendars with others. “We believe that in the near future ZYB will be widely used as a smarter and easier way of making appointments and organising social events”, says Ahlers. He envisions everybody from teenage friends to golf-playing colleagues setting up appointments over the mobile using ZYB. “Even busy family households will soon start using ZYB to keep track of each other during the week.”

“But ultimately only the users themselves will decide how ZYB will be used. We provide the possibility of sharing data – even with other devices and services. But each user has full control over what to share and with whom”, says Ahlers.

ZYB enables users to:- Backup their mobile’s contacts and calendar- Manage their mobile’s contacts and calendar online- Share contacts and calendar with friends and family- Import public calendars to mobile.- Clean up contact list with the unique “merge contacts” feature- Synchronize their mobile’s data with other devices and services (iPod, Outlook and others)

ZYB’s desire is to let people all around the world back-up and share their mobile’s data for free. ZYB was founded 2005 by three entrepreneurs from Copenhagen (Tommy Ahlers, Ole Kristensen, and Morten Lund, one of the early investors behind Skype), ZYB is based in Greve, south of Copenhagen

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