With its easily-identifiable design language and focus on fine craftsmanship, Olympia, Washington's Zyl Vardos has carved a nice little niche for itself in the tiny house scene. The firm's latest build, the Music Box tiny house, turns up the charm with a single-level towable dwelling suggestive of an old-fashioned shepherd's hut or gypsy caravan.

The Music box's cute old-school styling is reminiscent of Zyl Vardos' Moon Dragon model, with its cedar shingles, curved roof – which reaches has a maximum height of 14 ft (4.2 m) and includes a skylight – and circular window. The small stained-glass window was designed by the owner.

The home measures 8.5 x 24 ft (2.5 x 7.3 m), while weight comes in at 9,000 lb (4,000 kg).

Inside, total floorspace comes in at 192 sq ft (18 sq m), which is split between a main living space, sleeping area, and bathroom. Notable features include a fold-down dining table, a small kitchenette that with a copper sink, four-burner cooker, and storage space. The bathroom sports a penny floor and tub/shower.

The Music Box's heating, cooking, and hot water is all powered by propane, though a small wood-burning stove is also available for additional heat, and an air-conditioning unit for keeping cool.

The home is plugged into the grid for water and electricity, but Zyl Vardos boss Abel Zyl told us that it would be an easy conversion to make it run totally off-the-grid at additional cost.

Though the Music Box pictured was recently sold, Zyl Vardos will build another for US$67,000. Construction time comes in at around five weeks.

Source: Zyl Vardos

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