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Electricity needs are met by a roof-based 1,400 W solar array, which is plugged into a battery array(Credit: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses)

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Durango, Colorado's Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses recently completed its latest project, the 16 Foot Curved Roof Tiny House. With the main sleeping quarters located downstairs, this frees up the loft space for a guest room or storage space. The off-grid home also runs from solar power and can be plugged into the grid if its batteries require a top-up.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses' recent models have been based on very large trailers, such as the Custom 30 Foot House and the 32 ft (9.7 m)-long Rio Grande, but this model is much smaller and sits on a 16 ft (5 m) long trailer.

The firm was approached by a client who liked the Leaf 3 tiny house and wanted something with a similar aesthetic. Featuring a large curved roof that offers plenty of headroom, the 16 Foot Curved Roof Tiny House also sports reclaimed cedar and tin siding, lending it a weathered look.

Inside, the main floor features a compact sofa bed that serves as the main living and sleeping area. This leads into a kitchenette with a chest refrigerator, side pantry, a two-burner cooktop, and a folding dining table. The kitchen joins onto the bathroom (separated by a sliding barn door), which has a shower and a composting toilet.

Thanks to the main sleeping area being downstairs, the upstairs loft area is available for storage use or as a guest bedroom. A collapsible aluminum ladder offers access to this space.

The tiny home is powered by a roof-based 1,400 W solar array, which is plugged into a battery array. In addition, the system can be hooked-up to the grid for a recharge if necessary. The cooker and on-demand water heater are fed by two propane bottles, and an air-conditioning/heat pump split system offers heat and cooling for the interior.

View gallery - 10 images

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