Tiny houses are all about balance. The smaller they are, the less comfortable they tend to be. Go too big and you may as well just live in a normal-sized home. Greater Chattanooga, Tennessee-based firm Wind River Tiny Homes recently completed an off-grid tiny house that appears to get this balance just right, offering ample storage space, a nice interior layout, and plenty of home comforts too.

The Chimera measures 8 x 24 ft (2.4 x 7.62 m) and is clad in stained grey pine. It sports a metal roof and an exterior storage box, while the glazing is housed in aluminum clad wooden window frames.


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Entering via the sole door, visitors are greeted with a snug living space featuring a couch with integrated storage that folds out into a guest bed. Heating comes in the form of a tiny wood-burning stove and a mini-split heating and cooling system, while a ceiling fan also helps to keep the interior cool. Propane is used for the hot water heater and cooker.

The main living area leads to a relatively large looking kitchen. This includes a four-burner cooktop and oven, a microwave, a slide-out pantry, a folding cedar dining table, and concrete countertops. The entire interior of the tiny home looks finished to a very high standard.

At the opposite end of the main living area lies a small bathroom with composting toilet, sink, and a tiled shower.

A large staircase with built-in shelving, cupboards, a washer/dryer, and a fridge leads up to the main loft sleeping area, which includes a queen-sized bed and yet more storage.

A secondary storage loft area is accessed by climbing a custom pipe ladder and also houses the onboard solar power management system, which includes battery backup and inverters.

The Chimera pictured has already been sold and fetched US$84,000. Tiny homes by the firm start at $25,000.

Source: Wind River Tiny Homes

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