Spanish architecture and design firm In-Tenta has unveiled an interesting eco-hotel concept that can also serve as a small home or guest accommodation. Drop XL is a flexible and minimal-impact living unit that sports a range of additional options, including a choice of operating either on or off-grid.

Drop XL is the second iteration of the same design to come from Barcelona-based In-Tenta. Featuring a larger footprint and several refinements over its predecessor, the Drop, the cylindrical unit has an area of 30 sq m (322 sq ft) and is raised on a number of small metal stilts in order to minimize its impact on the soil.


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The interior of Drop XL features solid laminated wood flooring, and in its default configuration contains a porch, bedroom, lounge, and bathroom with shower and bath – though this layout can be configured to suit. There's also a small decking area outside that affords easier access to the raised dwelling.

Entrance is gained via a large sliding door and there's a large bulbous window at each end, with a skylight running along the center of the ceiling. The home is built from wood, steel, glass, and aluminum, and each unit will be prefabricated in a factory before being transported to its ultimate destination by truck.

A company rep told Gizmag that plans are afoot to to make the concept into a purchasable product "soon," but there's no definite word yet on availability or pricing. Additional options will be "plentiful" and will include off-grid technology such as solar power.

Below is a closer look at the Drop XL.

Source: IN-TENTA

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