Lotus Exige S Police Car boosts road safety

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Lotus Exige police car Photo courtesy of James Pearso

Lotus Exige police car Photo courtesy of James Pearso. View gallery (2 images)

November 2, 2007 Police in East Sussex have added a Lotus Exige S to their arsenal as part of a campaign to promote road safety. The fully liveried Lotus police car has proved an ideal ice-breaker in opening up lines of communication and educating drivers in the high-risk group 17-25 age group.

The Lotus Exige S has appeared at local events and areas identified as hotspots for young drivers as a means of engaging and educating these inexperienced motorists.

One third of accidents in the East Sussex area involve drivers aged 17-25.

On show at several events around the U.K, the Exige S will appear at the MPH07 how in London from 1-4 November.

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