The Lexus LFA supercar was a long time coming, but little time has been wasted in bringing a mod-kit aimed at hardcore track driving enthusiasts to market. The Nürburgring package offers new aerodynamics including a fixed rear wing which delivers greater downforce, a power increase to more than 562bhp, gearshift times cut to just 0.15 seconds, 0-62mph acceleration in 3.7 seconds and the top speed of 202mph is maintained in spite of higher downforce.

Only 50 examples are to be built out of a total LFA production limit of 500 cars. The announcement was made to highlight LFA’s entry in the Nürburgring 24 Hours race in May.


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Other aerodynamic features and technical revisions include a larger front spoiler and side fin-type spoilers, maximum power from the mid-front-mounted 4.8L V10 engine has been increased by 10bhp to more than 562bhp and gear shifts in the six-speed sequential transmission have been reduced.

The suspension has been given a sports tune-up and new mesh-type wheels are matched with high-grip tires.

Lucky customers can avail themselves of individual driving instruction on the legendary Nordschleife circuit from the Nürburgring’s chief instructors. They will also get a one-year driving pass to the track.

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