If you want to haul gear on your bicycle, but you don’t want to buy a whole dedicated cargo bike, then you might like Israeli industrial designer Ofir Yadan’s S-cargo carrier. The two-wheeled device replaces a conventional bike’s front wheel, temporarily converting it into a stuff-haulin’ tricycle.

The S-cargo (not to be confused with the Nissan van of the same name) was designed as Yadan’s graduation project at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.


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In its current prototype form, it features a custom backpack-style compartment that can be stuffed with things like groceries. That pack, however, could be interchanged with other planned “add-ons” such as racks, boxes or even a child seat. Yadan has also suggested that a motor and battery could be swapped in, thus turning the bike into an ebike.

To put the S-cargo on the bike, you just remove the bicycle’s front wheel, install the carrier’s mounting system in the drop-outs, then slide in the carrier and lock it in place. You then just ride your bike more or less as per normal, although presumably without the benefit of a front brake.

When you get to your destination, the carrier can be quickly removed from the bike, and pulled along by its handle like a cargo dolly. Should you wish to set it aside, a spring-mounted kickstand can be used to prop it up. The parked bike remains upright, meanwhile, as a bar that's part of the mounting system swings down to act as a stand.

There’s no word on when or if we’ll ever see a commercial version of the S-cargo, although Ofir states that he is continuing to develop it. The prototype can be seen in use in the video below.

Source: Coroflot via Bicycle Design

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