Going to the dentist is hardly anyone's favorite activity, but it can be hard for you to see everything that's going on with your teeth in a mirror at home while you brush.

The Tooth Guardian is a concept designed by Yu-Hsin Lin, Chu-Che Chang and Shang-Hsuan Lu, to help cut down on unwanted dentist visits by integrating a camera system into your toothbrush. The camera takes a look at your chompers while you brush, and displays an image of what it sees on your bathroom mirror - the idea is that you would see where you're missing in your daily brushing routine, or be able to catch things like cavities early.


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An LED light on the brush illuminates your mouth, a micro CCD captures what's going on inside, and a UV light sterilizes your toothbrush when you're done.

The Tooth Guardian is currently just a concept, but certainly an interesting one. What do you think? Would you want to see your teeth while you brush?

Source: Yanko Design

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