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2004 Neiman Marcus Annual Christmas Book - outrageous toys

2004 Neiman Marcus Annual Christmas Book - outrageous toys
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October 15, 2004 In keeping with tradition, the 2004 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book features a stunning array of fantasy gifts with stellar price tags, this year including such gems as a Zeppelin, a Custom Suit of Armour, an Underwater Aviator , a limited-edition Maserati Quattroporte, a haute couture Valentino gown, and an opportunity to join country music royalty on stage during a live Opry broadcast.

Neiman Marcus, the famed specialty retailer, has a 97-year tradition of offering and delivering spectacular and unique holiday gifts. Included among the assortment of items in this year's Christmas Book are some extraordinary gifts, such as:


A limited-edition (60 only) 2005 Maserati Quattroporte styled by legendary automobile designer Pininfarina. The Quattroporte's 4.2-liter 400-HP V8 engine offers a top speed of 170 mph. Each NM Quattroporte features a new Bordeaux Pontivecchio metallic paint finish, unique chromed mesh-front grill and side vents and 19" polished wheels. Inside, the custom handcrafted interior features luxurious ivory Poltrona Frau leather with bordeaux piping and mahogany wood accents. The price: US$125,000


Neiman Marcus has 20 exquisitely crafted and historically accurate suits of armour available for custom order. For a perfect fit, an artisan will gather measurements and a lower leg casting of the lucky recipient, then handcraft and fit a brand new suit of armour straight from the 15th century. The armour will be hand-hammered from steel and polished to a mirror finish. Each suit is fully functional with all interworking pieces from the sallet and bevor (helmet and neck piece) down to the greaves and sabatons (shin and foot pieces). Each masterpiece will be numbered and stamped with the seal of your personal armourer. A suit can certainly be custom crafted for the lady of the manor, too. Each suit also includes two sword fighting lessons, a steel display stand, and a custom- fitted arming doublet undergarment of padded linen. The price: US$20,000


Written up in Gizmo only recently, the Zeppelin NT is a modern version of the German Zeppelin first launched in 1900 by Count Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin. Neiman Marcus is offering the opportunity to be the first to privately own a modern Zeppelin NT. Re-engineered with the best new technology, the Zeppelin is the first modern airship licensed to carry commercial passengers. It floats with safe, nonflammable helium contained in an inner envelope of high-strength multilayered material. The roomy cabin features panoramic window views of the clouds above and sights below and can comfortably accommodate 12 passengers, a pilot and a flight attendant. It can achieve 70 knots and has a flight duration of up to 24 hours. This eight-ton sky gem is approximately 230 feet long, 60 feet wide and 53 feet tall. The price: US $10,000,000


Now, for the first time ever, you can join country music royalty on stage during a live Opry broadcast. Along with sitting in with the band live on the show, the exclusive package includes a music lesson with an Opry band member, a pre-show gourmet dinner for two in your dressing room, a gig co-hosting the Opry warm-up show live on 650 AM WSM and luxury accommodations for two at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. Manuel, the legendary creator of cowboy couture for Elvis and countless other music legends, will design and create matching his and hers jackets for the purchaser. For another priceless memento, an array of Opry performers will autograph a Takamine acoustic guitar. The price: US $25,000


This exclusive three-wheeler for adults packs the punch of a muscle car and has the open-air ease of a motorcycle. The NM Exclusive Las Vegas Trike features a 330-horsepower V8 Chevy engine, turbo 350 automatic transmission and two bucket racing seats resting on a custom 15-foot steel chassis that's 100% street legal. With a low centre of gravity, it rides as smoothly as a car and is remarkably easy to handle. The exclusive package includes your pick of one of eight special prismatic metallic paint finishes that change color, a custom-polished transmission, a chromed drive line and special neon lighting. Creature comforts include heated seats with lumbar support and a stereo system with earphone jacks built into the headrests. The price: US $65,000


Blowing conventional submarine technology out of the water, the Deep Flight Aviator has previously appeared in Gizmo. Strap yourself into one of the two cockpits with the racing seat harness, and you can use the joystick controls to bank, roll, dive and maneuver it the same way you would fly a plane. It can dive to 1,500 feet and achieve speeds of up to eight knots. Crafted with the highest safety standards, zero pollution and minimal noise, it can be launched from yachts or boat ramps. At 22 feet long, it weighs in at a light and lean 3,800 pounds. Both cockpits have a full set of controls so you can take turns driving, flying, exploring and enjoying the 180-degree views. The exclusive package includes lessons at the Deep Flight Submersibles underwater flight school leading to certification as a licensed sub aviator pilot. The price: US $1,700,000


For the epitome of couture, Neiman Marcus has dreamt up an exclusive one- of-a-kind fantasy experience by legendary Italian designer Valentino. Valentino and his team spent 350 hours handcrafting a heavenly gown for one lucky lady. The draped brown silk chiffon bodice features a feminine off-the-shoulder neckline and flowing long back tie. Metallic paillettes subtly change colors from silver-beige to chestnut brown on the lush tiered skirt. The package includes round-trip premium class airfares for two to Paris and the location of the final fitting, accommodations at the Ritz Paris, private car service, VIP access to the Valentino show, a private tour and a champagne toast with Valentino. The price: US$325,000

The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is available on-line at the Neiman Marcus website

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