Nissan has unveiled the NISMO version of its 2017 GT-R supercar. As you'd expect from the motorsports arm of the carmaker, the new GT-R NISMO boasts improved performance and is more balanced that the standard model, despite having many of the same features.

Among the features that have come over from the GT-R are the new front end and bumper, the reinforced hood (for shape-holding at high speeds) and the grille. The size of the latter has been increased for the 2017 models in such a way as to collect more air without adversely affecting the car's aerodynamics.

The NISMO also features the updated interior of the standard model, including its redesigned dashboard, steering wheel, center armrest and simplified control panel that has fewer switches than the older model.

Where the car differs from the standard model is in areas that impact performance. Its front bumper, for example, is made of overlapping carbon fiber sheets for stiffness and the canards have been altered to improve airflow and increase downforce. Indeed, Nissan says the car's revised shape generates more downforce than any of its other production cars to date.

A stiffened body structure, meanwhile, has paved the way for improved shock absorbers, springs and stabilizers, all of which make for better handling, as does a specially tuned shock absorber, the aim of which is to transfer engine power to the road surface more effectively. Damping forces and control levels can be adjusted by the driver for different situations.

Under the hood is a hand-assembled twin-turbocharged 3.8-l V6 that produces 441 kW (591 hp). The engine is coupled with turbochargers that are used in GT3 competition and a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

The GT-R NISMO debuts at the Nürburgring today. Nissan hasn't released any pricing details yet, but says it will be available in all of its major markets.

Source: Nissan

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