• The current generation of the Nissan GT-R came to market in 2009, carrying the Godzilla nickname from its predecessor, the R32 GT-R. Our week in the 2021 model proved that it may be old, but it’s still worthy of the name.
  • Nissan has unveiled a new iteration of the GT-R NISMO supercar, the flagship sports car in the automaker's lineup. The special edition version of the GT-R will launch in Japan in October – although a collectible toy version will be available sooner.
  • Last year's Leaf overhaul delivered a huge range bump, more power and more torque than the all electric vehicle that preceded it. Nissan treated the world's best-selling electric car to a sporty makeover in July of this year, and has now revealed a powerful track variant called the Nismo RC.​
  • Nissan has officially launched a Nismo version of its hugely popular all-electric Leaf, with the world's best-selling electric car given a sporty makeover that includes new exterior styling and systems tuned for improved performance.
  • Among several concepts at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan will unveil the electric Leaf Nismo Concept. This will see the world's best-selling electric car receiving the Nismo treatment, with exterior design highlights, a revised suspension, and a retuned computer for improved performance.
  • Nismo didn't arrive as a genuine sub-brand for road cars until 2013, and the fabled badge has only been applied to the Juke, 370Z and GT-R since then. You can expect that to change, following a big announcement from Nissan this week.
  • ​Nissan has unveiled a new NISMO-tuned model, this time with the popular Sentra compact sedan as its core. With 58 more horsepower, a more aggressive outward appearance, and a completely retuned chassis, the Sentra NISMO brings the in-house tuning brand to the mainstream.
  • Nissan has unveiled the NISMO version of its 2017 GT-R supercar. As you'd expect from the motorsports arm of the carmaker, the new GT-R NISMO boasts improved performance and is more balanced that the standard model, despite having many of the same features.
  • Having taken a huge risk in creating its oddball GT-R LM Nismo, Nissan has pulled the plug on the program until it can sort out the problems that have plagued it. These problems meant the car battled at Le Mans, and won't be competing in LMP1 racing until Nissan has worked out its problems.
  • When Nissan took the wraps off its GT-R LM NISMO, it raised a huge set of questions. With the full specifications have come some answers about how the Japanese brand hopes to make its extraordinary creation succeed on endurance racing's biggest stage.
  • The Nissan GT-R LM NISMO LM P1 is, to put it bluntly, one of the craziest ideas to pull out onto a race track in decades. It's a front engined front-drive car that puts out over 1200 horsepower. Yes, you read that correctly: A front engined front-drive racecar. Let's take a look under the hood.
  • Nissan has unveiled a new car that will compete in this year's Le Mans 24 Hours race. The GT-R LM Nismo is a racing version of Nissan's flagship car, the GT-R. Like the production GT-R, the LM Nismo has set tongues wagging, although more for its configuration than anything else.
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