Letting your creative juices flow from pencil to paper is all well and good, but adding another dimension can help bring them to life. But as we discovered for ourselves during CES 2014, raising objects up from a flat surface is not as easy as seasoned 3Doodlers make it look. Clearly, the earlier you start, the better. Now WobbleWorks has launched educational creativity kits designed for use in schools.

It's been 5 years since WobbleWorks introduced the first 3Doodler 3D printing pen to the Kickstarter crowdfunding community. Since then, the company says that its products have been used in more than 5,000 classrooms, and by more than 300,000 students. So it makes sense that dedicated 3Doodler 3D printing pen kits for students and teachers have now been launched.

The EDU kits come in two flavors – a Create+ EDU Learning Pack and the Start EDU Learning Pack – and each kit comes with a dozen 3Doodler pens, 1,200 filament strands, lesson plans, materials and accessories.

The Start kit is aimed at learners aged 6 to 13 and is divided between a Teacher's Kit containing educator resources, four Student Kits rocking 3Doodler pens and nozzles and a Plastics Kit that's home to plastic strands in eight different colors.

Students aged 14 and up will be able to draw object in three dimensions using the Create+ pack, which is similar to the Start kit but includes ABS, PLA and Flexy plastic strands in the Plastics Kit.

And if 12 pens are too many for a class, six packs will be made available, too.

Teachers can get a taste for what's on offer by grabbing Experience versions of each pack, both Start and Create+ teacher kits coming with a single 3Doodler pen, some plastic strands, sample lesson plans and materials.

"These products represent 3Doodler's continued commitment to inspire students pursuing STEM interests and passions," said the company's Leah Wyman. "We pride ourselves on creating accessible 3D products and making it fun to learn in the classroom." And 3Doodler has secured a recommendation from a Finnish education technology certification startup to back that up.

Pricing for the EDU Learning Packs will start from US$349, while the teacher sample packs kick off at just $29. You can see what's on offer in the promo video below.

Source: 3Doodler

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