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A flatter flatscreen: LG's PG60 Plasma TV

A flatter flatscreen: LG's PG60 Plasma TV
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Once an afterthought in terms of interior design, televisions have become an aesthetic centerpiece in many new homes and as a result, manufacturers are striving to complement the sleek, minimalist lines that distinguish modern architecture. LG's new Plasma offering - the PG60 - does just that by incorporating "single layered technology" which merges the screen and TV into one continuous unit, creating a seamless, bezel-less unit that looks like a single sheet of glass.

As part of the minimalist package, the PG60 also includes invisible speakers that use minute vibrations throughout the TV cabinet to produce clean, natural sound without the need for traditional speaker drivers and grills.

Key specs of the high-definition LG PG60 TV Series include Fluid Motion 100Hz and a contrast ratio of 30,000:1,4 HDMI inputs, LG’s Dual XD Engine (one for images from RF signals as another for External inputs), swivel stand and Clear Voice technology which optimizes human voice frequencies in the 100Hz~12000Hz range, altering the sound balance and cutting down background noise.

Australian readers can expect to pay AUD $2,499 for the 50" model and $1,799 for the 42".

Further details at the LG site.

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