January 29, 2008 Media furniture manufacturer Ace Bayou has unveiled the latest addition to its Xfunctional platform - the Wireless Audio Recliner. Designed to utilize the space inside the chair to amplify sound, the new recliner includes wireless capabilities and built-in sound system with two forward-facing speakers and a subwoofer.

The Wireless Audio Recliner features the same Patented Audio Force Modulation™ (AFM) technology found in the X Rocker II - a system that utilizes the space inside the chair to amplify sound and enhance the immersive user experience by delivering vibration from the sub-woofer into the backrest.

Finished in black vinyl over fire retardant foam and a wood and metal frame, the recliner connects wirelessly with the most popular media devices - including home theater systems, mp3 players and gaming consoles - and multiple chairs can be daisy-chained together.

Ace Bayou is showcasing the Wireless Audio Recliner along with the recently introduced X Rocker Pro-Series and X Rocker 4.1 gaming chairs at the Las Vegas Market.