The sports apparel market has no shortage of solutions for cold weather, with waterproof-breathable materials, advanced natural and synthetic insulations, and battery powered heat among them. But athletes have fewer options in hot, humid weather: take off clothing, get a cold headband/cloth, or stop exercising and find an air conditioner or pool. Adidas offers one more. Its new Climachill fabric combines several cooling elements to keep athletes more comfortable during hot summer sessions.

Adidas claims that Climachill fabric is able to deliver an instant cooling effect with its mix of titanium-blended yarn and 3D aluminum cooling spheres. The 3D spheres are mapped to correspond with the body's hot zones, keeping those areas cooler. Meanwhile, the use of the titanium "SubZero" flat yarn delivers a claimed 36 percent increase in cooling capacity over Adidas' older Climacool fabric.

In order to find the "ultimate Climachill fabric," Adidas tested fabric blends in its "Clima" chamber, cranking the heat up to 122ºF (50ºC). It then zeroed in on what was most effective.

The aluminum cooling spheres, which provide the cooling effect

Adidas isn't the only big player in the market using cooler fabrics. Two years ago, Columbia introduced its Omni-Freeze Zero technology, a fabric design that also uses circular coolers. Columbia's polymer rings are designed to interact with the wearer's natural perspiration to deliver a long-lasting cooling effect.

Adidas launched Climachill earlier this month across a broad range that includes training, tennis and outdoor wear. It is available in men's, women's and children's garments.

Source: Adidas

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