We've all had that surreal experience of looking down out of the window from a plane and suddenly seeing familiar environments from completely new and strange perspectives. Such a perspective lends itself to beautiful imagery, and this gallery features the work of two talented photographers who find incredible abstract patterns in large-scale agriculture.

Mitch Rouse

Mitch Rouse originally used drones to create his aerial photographic work but quickly became dissatisfied with their limited range. Once he moved into small planes and helicopters he discovered a whole new world of creative imagery. "Currently I am shooting from a Bell 407 Helicopter with a Shot Over F1 Gimbal housing a Phase 1 Industrial 150 mega pixel camera with a 32mm Rodenstock lens," Rouse tells New Atlas.

Rouse's work captures the fascinating repetitive patterns created on the land through mass agricultural practices. His most exciting work examines the Palouse Farms in eastern Washington, revealing from various angles the beautiful variations and undulations created across farmlands in the region.

Tom Hegen

Tom Hegen's Salt Series is another incredibly beautiful collection that looks at the way salt mining produces colorful ponds of bacteria. His most recent set of images examines what he calls, "one of the most beautiful salt production sites in the world" – a mine in Western Australia. Taken from a small airplane, Hegen's sublime images revel in an otherworldly pastel color-palette as he looks down on this massive man-made agricultural endeavor.

Take a look through our gallery at more of these stunning abstract aerial images.

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