Aeroscraft ML866: the ultimate corporate aircraft

Aeroscraft ML866: the ultimate corporate aircraft
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The trend towards radical new aircraft designs aimed at achieving new levels of efficiency and operational capability beyond anything currently gracing our skies is on the rise. Recently Gizmag examined Boeing’s Blended-Wing Body (BWB) and now Aeros have announced the new Aeroscraft ML866 aircraft which utilizes a combination of buoyant and dynamic lift to create usage possibilities that far outstrip currently available aircraft platforms. The ML866 can be utilized as a private air yacht, corporate air vehicle, business office in the sky, or commercial commuter, providing its passengers with far more space than any existing business jet.

The Aeroscraft ML866 offers 120 knots top speed and over 5,000 square feet of interior compartment. The helicopter like vertical takeoff and landing capability and ability to operate from unprepared fields enhance the scope of the Aeroscraft by enabling access to remote areas anywhere in the world. It also offers independence from large or medium airports which will keep travelers away from clogged international terminals and congested highways and get passengers underway quicker.

One of the Aeroscraft ML866 configurations offered will be a high-tech airborne business center. Business amenities include a computerized office, video conferencing capability, an advanced communications package, transformable interior, personal state room and a physical conference space that while on the ground will accommodate up to one hundred people.

Aeroscraft ML866 aircraft by Aeros will be launched at the NBAA 60th Annual Meeting & Convention in September, 2007 in Atlanta.

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