We've already seen wooden-bodied electronic devices such as computers, keyboards and video game systems, so why not a quadcopter drone? That's just what SirTeen's Aerowood is, and you put the thing together yourself.

The Aerowood kit includes a sheet of 184 laser-cut laminate Linden-wood airframe components, along with various electronic modules such as four motor/propeller units. Following the provided instructions, users put all of these bits and pieces together by hand – no glue or nails are required.

They end up building not only the 79-gram drone itself, but also its remote control unit. And should buyers opt for the 4-in-1 kit, they can build four different types of quadcopters, each one with a unique frame design.

Although not much has been provided in the way of specs, some of the finished drone's features include a 720p/30fps camera that transmits real-time video to the user's smartphone, a position-holding stable hovering mode, and a return-home function that causes the copter to return to its take-off point at the press of a button.

One charge of the included battery should reportedly be good for 10 minutes of flight time. Down the road, optional extras may include electronic modules for GPS-based flight, video projection, ultrasonic range-finding, and a speaker that can relay sounds.

SirTeen is currently crowdfunding production funds for the Aerowood, via Indiegogo. Pledge levels start at US$79 for the basic one-drone kit, which should retail for $159 – if it reaches production, that is.

You can see the drone in flight, in the video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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