Affordable Personal Hovercraft

Affordable Personal Hovercraft
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It can traverse land, sea, mud and snow at speeds of up to 70kmh, crash through one metre of surf and then double as a stable platform for fishing, diving or relaxing. The Slider Hovercraft is a fully amphibious vehicle seating two in-line with a steering and throttle set-up similar to a jet-ski. Two aerofoil sectioned centrifugal fans provide the lift and a single 3-bladed axial fan the propulsion, with a skirt design that remains permanently inflated adding to buoyancy and stability, and allowing for tight turning without "ploughing-in".

The Slider's electronic fuel injected, 45hp Hirth 2-cycle twin-cylinder engine can cruise for around 3 hours on one 40 litre tank of fuel and the engine, exhaust system and fans are enclosed behind the passenger seat for safety and quiet operation.

The glass reinforced lightweight plastic hull includes two storage compartments - one under the seat and the other through the front fairing - and the Slider comes in custom colours with a range of extras including hull cover, tilt trailer, windscreen, collapsible oar and anchor available.

Electric start is standard along with tachometer, voltage and fuel gauges, rear view mirrors, engine compartment bilge pump and a manual pull-start back-up.Manufactured in New Zealand by Pacific Hovercraft.

View gallery - 6 images
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