The American International Motorcycle Expo is run and done for 2018, featuring all sorts of two-wheeled contributions from all over the world. Take a look at the new, the old, the weird and the wonderful as our AIMExpo photo gallery takes you through the halls in Las Vegas.

Worldwide launches this year included Yamaha's very sexy new R3, a new ZX-6R 636 from Kawasaki, complete with traction control and a quickshifter, and a new top-of-the-line twin-seat three-wheel luxury Carmel roadster from Vanderhall's range of retro-styled oddities.

Probably our favorite of the vintage bikes on display was the exquisitely-kept Henderson below, from somewhere between 1913-1915. Using nearly 1000cc worth of displacement from its four-cylinder engine, this luxury "Duesenberg of motorcycles" made a whopping 7 horsepower.

The Asian presence at AIM was impossible to ignore, with a flood of Chinese small capacity bikes and scooters, as well as booth after booth of aftermarket parts suppliers lining the halls. While quality seems to be improving year by year, the Chinese attitude to copyright was clear to see. Take a look at the fascinating 300cc bike below from DongFang. Its fairings look a lot like the ones you'd find on a Kawasaki Ninja 300, but it's actually a CVT scooter, as you can see by the swingarm-mounted motor.

AIM certainly wasn't restricted to two wheels, with a number of trikes and ATVs on display. But there was little to compete in the "how many wheels have you got" stakes with Argo's extreme ATVs, some of which feature rubber tank-style tracks, and most of which are amphibious, enabling them to cross the roughest and wettest terrain you can throw at them.

On the custom bike front, as well as the exquisite RSD KRV5 in the hero shot above, which was built around a Kenny Roberts V5 MotoGP engine from the early 2000s, the bike below caught our eye. It's an adventure machine, built around a Harley engine and christened the FXADV by San Diego Customs.

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