You could be forgiven for thinking that some kind of dirigible, or perhaps a strange submarine, had somehow ended up on a hillside, but this striking structure actually serves as a vacation retreat. Appropriately named AirShip 002, it's designed by Roderick James Architects and offers visitors fantastic views of the Scottish landscape.

The design of the AirShip 002 also brings to mind the classic Airstream trailer, and consists of heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel, as well as generous glazing. It can be dismantled and moved to an another location with relative ease, and rests on minimal concrete paving slab foundations. It features insulated cladding panels, and while we've no word on insulation rating, they must do the job well enough as the home is available to rent throughout winter in the Scottish Highlands.

Its interior measures 36 sq m (387 sq ft) and contains a living area with a wood burning stove, sofa bed, and seating looking out to the west, towards the Atlantic Ocean. On the opposite side of the AirShip 002 lies a bedroom with a desk area overlooking the Sound of Mull in the east.

Elsewhere is a bathroom with shower and toilet, as well as a kitchen with toaster, kettle, halogen hob, and a combination oven/microwave, plus a dining table.

For those interested in staying the night, the AirShip 002 is currently up for rent on Airbnb. The AirShip is also available to purchase for around £100,000 (roughly US$130,000).

The model pictured runs from mains electricity but other AirShip models can be configured to run off-the-grid. Optional extras include composting toilet, rainwater collection system, solar panels and/or a small generator.

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