Recent developments in the war on repetitive strain injury have seen swiveling mice and applicable gel pads in an effort to make the everyday user experience a more comfortable one. Appearing at CES this year was another take on the ubiquitous peripheral, the Aigo Glide mouse. Designed to offer ease of use and minimal strain, the lightweight mouse features indentation for fingertips and side scrolling wheels, while the USB cord and connection even tuck away around and under the mouse for easy storage.

The Aigo Glide mouse features a quirky design that is light, compact, and offers a solution to sufferers of RSI. Offering ease of movement and fingertip indentations, the mouse also features scroll wheels on the side, which although may take a little while to get used to, increase the overall ergonomic benefit.

The tiny mouse is PC or Mac compatible and is conveniently stored by the cord wrapping around it and the USB connector clipping into the base. The Aigo mouse is to be made available in colors including in red, blue and pink and is priced at US$30.

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