Advancements in connected security systems have provided people with affordable, user-friendly ways to keep an eye on things when no one is home. The latest product from Amderstam-based Amaryllo incorporates robotics and smart features for enhanced vigilance. The iCamPro Deluxe camera is designed to talk, hear, detect faces, and track intruders with 360-degree movement.

A common limitation of the current crop of home monitoring cameras is a fixed field of view. Newer models, such as the Branto Orb, have implemented tilt and rotation in order to provide expanded coverage of rooms. The SensorSphere goes one step further by offering wireless and cordless control, not unlike a Sphero BB-8 equipped with optics for video recording. Although the Amaryllo iCamPro Deluxe also sits in a static location, it can be placed anywhere and still maintain correct viewing angles.

The iCamPro Deluxe isn't Amaryllo's first home security device, having successfully launched the wireless HD Skype camera just a couple of years ago. But as the latest, the iCamPro Deluxe hosts a comprehensive feature set in addition to a unique mounting method. The camera is designed with a base that allows it to be installed in any standard E26/E27 light bulb socket, which provides versatility as well as power for the device. Dual motors control the angle and rotation of the camera's field of view.

Like most home security cameras, the iCamPro Deluxe is designed with Wi-Fi connectivity to local networks, motion and audio sensors, night vision with day/night filters, microSD and cloud storage, two-way audio via microphone and speaker, and remote control through iOS and Android apps. But what sets this monitoring camera apart from others is a patent-pending intelligent tracking system, face detection, and interactive intruder alarm.

A trio of motion sensors are embedded within the iCamPro Deluxe, allowing it to "see" outside its immediate periphery. When it detects motion (up to 30 ft / 9 m), it's designed to immediately orient itself towards and begin tracking the target. With the face alert feature enabled, the iCamPro Deluxe sends a push notification to users, complete with a snapshot and date/time stamp. If a face goes unrecognized, the iCamPro Deluxe can be customized to issue an 82 dB alarm to ward off intruders. Through the mobile app or a web browser window, users can remotely pan, tilt, and zoom the camera for active observation.

The iCamPro Deluxe is capable of recording video up to 1080p at 30 fps, with additional resolution options available to accommodate for lower bandwidths. Videos can be stored locally (on a microSD card up to 32 GB) and/or through the company's cloud subscription service. All of Amaryllo's products are designed with 256-bit encryption for security and alert support for the Pebble and Apple Watch.

The Amaryllo iCamPro Deluxe camera is currently funding on Kickstarter, having raised 1,266 percent of its US$1,000 goal in two days, with another 28 days left to go. A pledge of $199 sets you up with an iCamPro Deluxe in either black or white, saving about half off the planned retail price.

Prototypes have already been tested, and tooling for mass production is currently underway. So if everything goes according to schedule, backers can expect shipments of the iCamPro Deluxe to start sometime April, 2016.

Check out the video below for an overview of the Amaryllo iCamPro Deluxe.

Source: Amaryllo

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