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Americas most wanted: the self-cleaning garbage can

Americas most wanted: the self...
Wanted: self-cleaning stove tops and garbage cans
Wanted: self-cleaning stove tops and garbage cans
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Wanted: self-cleaning stove tops and garbage cans
Wanted: self-cleaning stove tops and garbage cans

August 5, 2007 Inventors and entrepreneurs take note; a new study in the United States has revealed that Americans are craving new technology that would enable them to relinquish more of their household chores. This seem a little obvious, but the catch is finding someone to invent the laundry folding dryer or the self-cleaning garbage can to meet the growing demands on the wish list of time-poor consumers.

The Cleaning Innovations Survey conducted by SC Johnson discovered that a staggering 60 per cent of respondents would purchase (if available) a self-cleaning garbage can, whilst another 59 per cent would appreciate a stove top that has the ability to rid itself of food matter and stains every day. These requests, along with recent releases such as the Siemens shirt-ironing machine, are no longer whimsical ideas reserved for science-fiction novels or crazy invention TV shows.

Consumer demand has always been a catalyst for invention. The voice of 47 percent of those surveyed by SC Johnson crying out for a dryer that also folds your laundry could be enough to inspire a manufacturer to pilot such an item.

The slightly disturbing aspect of the survey is what it reveals about the steps people take to avoid household chores whilst they wait for technology to catch-up. An alarming 33 per cent surveyed close their shower curtains to hide a dirty bathtub, 20 per cent haven't cleaned their bathroom for a month or longer and 16 per cent dine on paper plates due to a sink full of dirty dishes. Not to mention the 13 per cent who have thrown out pots after cooking to avoid cleaning them. Perhaps next on the agenda should be full-service, house cleaning robots much like the lovable ‘Rosie’ from 80s cartoon series The Jetsons.

SC Johnson are responding to the desires of the market and trying to lead the way in cleaning product modernization according to Kelly Semrau, vice president of Global Public Affairs and Communication: “it is the spirit of innovation that turned shower cleaning on its head and brought us Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner - a revolutionary product that works to keep the shower clean by a simple daily touch of a button".

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