For proud owners of aging Amiga 1200s, it may seem there's little to be done about the now faded, yellowing plastic that houses these early home computers. But a group of spirited enthusiasts is now turning to Kickstarter, where Frenchman Philippe Lang is offering backers shiny replacement cases to restore the beloved machines to their former glory.

With his own Amiga 1200 bearing cracks and holes, Lang went searching for another case but couldn't find a worthy replacement. So he explored the idea of creating his own and formed a plan to manufacture three new molds weighing a total of 5.5 tonnes (6 tons) – one for the top case, one for the bottom case and one for all trapdoors and parts.

From these molds, Lang plans to produce brand new, licensed Amiga 1200 ASA plastic cases, meaning they will come complete with the Amiga labeling. The cases will be compatible with all Amiga 1200 motherboard revisions, while also allowing for popular add-ons and mounting holes for Raspberry Pi.

The material used for these brand new cases is UV-resistant and is therefore promised to never yellow. And in addition to the traditional color, it will also be available in black and transparent. Lang is looking to raise €125,000 (US$142,000) to produce the new molds, and it appears he's not alone in the dismay at his withering Amiga case.

With the campaign to run up until November 1, he has raised almost €100,000 (US$113,000) at the time of writing. An early pledge of €79 (US$90) will have a new case sent your way in March if all goes to plan.

You can hear from Lang in his pitch video below.

Source: A1200